New Painting

watergilding, tradtional panel painting, silver leaf, oxidation, historic materials, bole, gesso, tarnish, burnish, hand made, reflection, light fields, contemporary painting, traditional gilding, gilder, painter, abstract painting, natural materials


silver leaf, oxidation, burnish, bole, clay, tradtional water gilding, gesso, chalk gesso, rabbit skin glue, wood panel painting, oak gall ink, wood


25″ x 14.25″


Don’t block the light

4. “Don’t block the light”

Water gilded silver leaf panel painting
12” x 12”

5. “Clearly now the Rain has come”

Water gilded panel painting, silver leaf and handmade egg tempera with punch work.
17” x 12.25”

: silver leaf, oxidation, hand made leaf, oak gall ink, chemical reaction, sgraffito, bole, traditional water gilding, artist, gilder, painter, contemporary artist


17” x 12”

Panel Painting, handmade egg tempera, punchwork, sgraffito 2021

7. “Dark Times” 2021

Panel Painting, handmade egg tempera, punchwork

Silver leaf, gilded panel painting, wood panel painting, oxidation, oak gall ink, comtemporary painter, painting, abstract art


Silver leaf with oak gall ink
17″ x 12.5″

“Time flew by”, 17” x 12.25” Paladium leaf on traditional gesso panel.

9. “Time flew by”

Palladium leaf on traditional gesso panel.
17” x 12.25”

water gilding, water gilded, gilded, graphite, traditional gessoed panel, burnish, drawing, painting, egg tempera, handmade paints, sgraffito, wood panel, artist, gilder, painter, contemporary artist, collections, collecting


Egg tempera on water gilded (palladium leaf) panel painting
17.25″ x 12.25″

11. “Again we fight for our rights”

water gilding, panel painting, bole, oak gall ink, drawing, painting, living artist, blue bole, burnish, silver leaf, oxidation

Detail of painting above

ter gilding, panel painting, palladium leaf, punchwork, oak gall ink, natural materials. earth materials, hand made, woodwork, sgraffito, burnish, artist, painter, gilder, expression, contemporary artist, mixed mediums, reflection, reticulation


Water gilded panel painting
15.75″ x 11.25″

water gilding, gilded, traditional panel painting, puncwork, graphite, sgraffito, reflection, burnished, oxidation, italian bole, 12k goldleaf, white goldleaf

13. “Q stands for Question”

12 K white goldleaf on traditional water gilded gesso panel with punchwork, sgraffito and graphite.
12” x 12”

Water gilded panel painting, gesso on wood, silver leaf, oxidation, time is passing, sgraffito, wood grain, bole, clay, burnish, shellac, oak gall ink, punch work, handmade egg tempera, mixed media, contemporary art, paint making, abstract painting, rub, chatoyancy, reflection


14″ x 11.25″

15. ”I have been thinking about flying around with Mr. French”

No Title 2010

16. 2010

Egg tempera, sgraffito and punchwork on white goldleaf panel.
12″ x 7″

18″ x 12″ 2016

17. 2016

Handmade egg tempera on traditional 22 karat gilded wood panel
18″ x 12″

Egg Tempera and Punchwork on 22kt, 12" x 7"


Egg Tempera and Punchwork on 22kt
12″ x 7″

19. “After the Fire” 2016

Handmade egg tempera on traditional 22 karat gilded wood panel
18″ x 12″

20. “A different kind of light”

Egg tempera on white gold panel
31″ x 24″

Punch work on traditional 22 k. gilded panel

21. Punch Work 2009

Punch work on traditional 22kt. gilded panel.
12″ x 6″

Gilded Panel 2015

22. Gilded Panel 2015

Hand made egg tempera on 22k. water gilded
60″ x 32″

Mayan Blue

23. “Mayan Blue” 2011

Handmade egg tempera on traditional water gilded 12 k. panel.
38″ x 34″